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Welcome to my website. Within this site you will see contemporary impressionistic paintings; mostly figurative, but some still life and some landscape. I hope you enjoy my site and find a painting that you "really" enjoy. That is what this website is about...your enjoyment. So, please let me know what you think in the "CONTACT ME" section. If you decide to  purchase a painting or need to ask a question, please use the "CONTACT ME"  section, also.

Great News: Get PRINTS of my paintings at http://scott-bowlinger.fineartamerica.com

Or I’ll send you to a premium canvas maker’s website to order your own print - you simply select a “painting”, notify me via email, I’ll give you a high resolution picture for a small price and you can have it printed on your own dime.

Note: You can now purchase Jennifer Main “originals” and “gyclees" from this site. These are paintings that I purchased early in Jennifer’s career and I am now offering at substantially reduced prices from her current gallery prices.

Note: I have added links to Jenn Main's Website (fantastic Las Vegas artist) and music transcriptionist John Zechiel who I have used to transcribe songs and heartily recommend.

Note: I have added a page to purchase sheet music for "Piano Ballad" (2 page pdf), "Georgia on my Mind" (9 page pdf), "Buddy" (2 page pdf), and "Sling Blues" (2 page pdf), “You Don’t Know Me" (4 page pdf), and “What’d I Say” (4 page pdf), (see left banner).

Note: Added Digital Paintings (see left column, Go to FineArtAmerica.com for Prints)

Last updated: 02/11/2016

QUESTIONS: scottkb2000@hotmail.com